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About Zeal Optics Sunglasses and Goggles:

Explore more through Zeal Optics lenses. This Boulder, Colorado-based company was founded by former pro mountain biker Wink Jackson after having trouble with the way performance eyewear fit at the time. Nowadays, Zeal is more than just an eyewear company. Committed to leaving the world a better place than it was found, Zeal follows a simple set of beliefs: Use Less, Give Back and Explore More. These principles guide the company not only in their technological advances for lenses and frames, but also in their ability to create and inspire change.

Zeal's sunglasses and ski and snowboard goggles will quickly become the eyewear that you reach for day after day. Each pair is designed to help you overcome obstacles in all light conditions from sun in your eyes while driving on the open road to blurry vision on the mountain slopes. Polarized technology and color enhancers highlight your surroundings no matter how dull, giving you the ultimate optics experience. Permashield hardcoat and Everclear anti-fog coatings prevent scratching, improve durability and fights fogging so you can see what's ahead even in harsh weather conditions.

If that weren't enough, Zeal uses plant-based materials in all of their sunglasses frames and lenses. Not only does reduce waste, but it also leads to lighter frames for all day comfort and protection. When you purchase a pair of Zeal Optics sunglasses or goggles, you are helping create social change. Zeal is committed to connecting people with the outdoors who might never have had a chance to explore backcountry trails or ski down snowy slopes. Their projects and partnerships are dedicated to sustainable practices and helping those less fortunate explore more in the great outdoors.

Use Less, Give Back and Explore More with Zeal's frames and lenses. Offering the most advanced and environmentally-friendly technology on the market, these sunglasses and goggles lead to unmatched performances in any condition. No matter your adventure, you can experience it through Zeal and trust in their comfort and protection.