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About Yoga Pants and Leggings:

Whether you're trying to master crow pose or you're out running errands, yoga pants have pretty much become a standard for both athletic and everyday activities. Given that they are so popular, there are tons on the market today making it difficult to weed out the less-than-stellar from the best. Luckily, Moosejaw offers nothing but the best in yoga pants and leggings from some of the leading companies in the business such as Prana, Beyond Yoga and Lole.

Yoga every damn day in a pair of these stretch yoga pants. They move with you so can concentrate on your practice without distraction. Stretch while still holding everything in place? The stretchy yoga pants for men and women found above are truly like a dream come true.

And even if you aren't a full-blown Yogi, nobody ever said that you couldn't wear some comfy yoga pants to get yourself through the day. The high-tech fabrics that make up these leggings and pants offer insane breathability and durability as well as wicking away sweat and moisture. No longer must you suffer from ill-fitting, loose and see-through materials. These solid and patterned yoga pants are soft and silky while hugging your shape without revealing too much. To the studio and beyond!

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