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About Yoga Wear and Gear:

They have hot yoga, but do they have cool yoga? What about frozen yoga? Maybe with some fruit mixed in or maybe some granola. That would be delicious. You’re definitely going to feel like you are doing some cool yoga when you are in this gear. Because it’s so cool.

The best yoga equipment, whether you are looking for clothes or other yoga gear like mats and balls, is all ready for you on this page. We’ve gone to all of the top brands and brought back everything we could get our hands on, I even took a couple of pens from one of the secretaries desks. They told me that I’m not allowed to sell you any of the pens (and I’m not supposed to visit any of the headquarters anymore) but we do have a bunch of the most comfortable and most resilient yoga gear available.

Yoga equipment doesn’t have to be dull, getting your mind, body and spirit all in alignment is an exciting process and your clothes and gear can be just as exciting. One of the most crucial features of yoga clothing is promoting a greater range of motion. Anyone who has ever tried vinyasa in skinny jeans can tell you that it just doesn’t work the same as it does with yoga pants. The same goes for using a suitcoat in lieu of a yoga top, it’s just nowhere near as breathable and not so great for trying to touch the small of your back.

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