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About YETI:

Just build it better. Seems like a simple enough idea, but how many products could stand for an improved design, especially one that’s been a long time coming? Consistently frustrated with gear that wasn’t built as tough as they are themselves, this line of thinking seemed obvious to the team at YETI. If you build it better, they will come, and they will buy your better cooler.

For a travel accessory brought along by the majority of rugged travelers, coolers have been flimsy and unreliable for decades, capable of keeping things cool but not much else. Passionate in their love for the outdoors, the YETI team set out to build that better cooler - one that wouldn’t cave in or break through some light (or not-so-light) wear and tear. For close to a decade YETI has refused to compromise, steadfast in a commitment to producing the best as if they were making each and every cooler for themselves.

It’s easy to just say “build it better”, but a whole other thing to actually do it. YETI was up to the task, fostering a number of exciting technologies to get the job done. T-Rex™ latches make busted fasteners a thing of the past, while The Neverfail™ hinge system means no more busted lids. Their Fatwall™ design ensures better insulation, keeping the coldest of cold nice and frosty. With more than enough trademarks to throw around, it clues you in to the dedication YETI has to make the best products possible – constantly innovating, and consistently pushing the envelope when it comes to building that better cooler. Not content to rest on their laurels, they've produced tumblers and ice packs that are built with the same love and attention you’ve come to expect from the YETI name.

Built better, built for the wild. Your gear should be as uncompromising as you are, no matter how rough and rugged you get. That’s YETI coolers.