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About Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB):

Mountain bikes weren’t always mountain bikes; they were more or less cruiser bikes that had been Frankensteined into becoming a mountain bike. However, once MTB frames were created, Wilderness Trail Bikes found their calling. Founded in 1982 in sunny California, WTB wanted to perfect the important features of a MTB such as saddles and wheels. Originally focused solely on mountain bikes, this equipment had to be durable enough to withstand the heavy riding. Nowadays, along with MTB products, WTB produces saddles and wheels in other categories such as road and cross country (CX).

Some people might not think of tires to be of great importance. This is completely false. Bicycle tires are what keep you going, other than your feet. They keep you moving forward and help you get through obstacles both on the road and the trails. WTB uses TCS and TCS 2.0 Technology rims to ensure customers get the quickest and simplest installation when paired with WTB tires. WTB offers multiple tire levels so customers can find the perfect fit for their bike. These range from super durable tires like the TCS Tough High Grip tires to Tube Type Light tires which allow riders to gain high-end performance from inner tube riding.

WTB also offers a variety of saddles (bicycle seats) ranging anywhere from $39 to $250 in wide, medium and narrow width. WTB’s unique Love Channel technology is standard on every saddle. This feature acts as a protection against unwanted pressure but still allows the sound structure of the saddle to be comfortable and logical. Another key feature of high-end WTB saddles is the Comfort Zone. This is a small area cut from under the saddle that provides comfort in more sensitive areas so that comfort is the last thing on the mind while someone is on a cross country ride.

WTB has worked diligently to create high-performance products for bike enthusiasts both in the MTB field and other fields alike. Customers can be sure they are getting top quality and comfort when purchasing any WTB product.