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About Woolrich:

Other brands may tout a storied legacy, but it takes something special to truly stand apart. Founded in 1830, Woolrich holds the proud distinction of being the oldest manufacturer of outdoor apparel in the United States - but don’t assume that being the oldest means they’re content to rest on their laurels. Leading the charge for decades, it’s a long road from first brand to use zippers in their pants to instituting the latest in innovative man-made fibers along classic wool fabrics. All this to produce clothing that is both fresh and reliable, made only as Woolrich can do it.

Woolrich was born by way of Englishman John Rich, an immigrant who built a mill in Pennsylvania that would eventually become the center of a little town called Woolrich, PA. How could they have the pull to name an entire town after the company? Probably because they has spent decades weaving themselves into the American tradition, working to be an integral part of the formative years of the States. There aren’t many brands who can claim they made blankets for Union soldiers in the Civil War, but then again, there aren’t many brands like Woolrich.

Here you’ll find a wide-range of outdoor goods, ranging from their venerable line of Woolrich jackets and coats to rugged and dependable footwear. These are the same guys contracted by the U.S. Government to outfit Admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica over 70 years ago, so it might be safe to say they know a thing or two about keeping you warm when you need it most.

You’d be wise to remember the Woolrich name – with it, you’re getting a piece of tradition.

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