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About Women's Yoga and Active Wear:

Even scientists have had to admit what yogis have been saying for years. Picnic baskets are delicious… wait… wrong yogi. I meant to say that yoga and meditation are great for reducing stress and improving your overall health. One of the only downsides to doing yoga is that it does require a fairly specific style of clothing.

Lucky for you, we've done most of the work and found all of the best women's yoga clothing from all of the top brands. The only thing stopping you from reaching another level of mind-body awareness is deciding just which selection of all of this awesome yoga clothing is right for you.

Women's yoga clothing has to be designed with a woman's body in mind. All of these clothes have been crafted to be just as flexible as you are going to be. As an added bonus, this women's yoga clothing is fashionable and fun so you can feel free to wear it anywhere, maybe out to a smoothie place after you finish with class (one of my personal favorite traditions). I'm so comfortable in my yoga pants that I have taken to wearing them pretty much everywhere I go. I've been given so many compliments that I now have a different pair for every day of the week. Our yoga tops are just as great as our pants and shorts though, because what's the point unless you can look awesome all over.

Everyone is going to be super jealous of you. Not only are they going to be envious of your newly reached planes of spiritual existence but also over how cute and sexy you look in all of your stylish and colorful new yoga gear.

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