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About Women's Water and Amphibious Shoes:

The best women's water shoes are super sturdy and provide all-day comfort both on land and in water. Trying to navigate a rocky beach without shoes on is like trying to maneuver around a floor full of Legos. Why subject your feet to that kind of pain and torture? Sometimes it's best to not know what's underfoot which is why water shoes are the best choice for your next water-filled adventure.

Snorkeling, hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, fishing, swimming and even public showers are all excellent causes for amphibious shoes. Gone are the days of ugly hunks of mesh and rubber. Today's women's water shoe is functional, cute and stylish. Toe and heel bumpers protect your feet while mesh sidings defend against sediment. Their aggressively tacky soles provide trustworthy traction even on slippery rocks while optimum cushioning gives you all day comfort.

These water shoes for women remain lightweight even after being submerged in water. This is due to their innovative drainage systems that quickly ditch water while allowing your feet to breathe so you avoid pesky blisters. With both adjustable slip-on and lacing systems to choose from, you can rest-assured that your wet shoes will stay on even while plunging through rapids. Convenient, lightweight, comfortable and flexible: what more can you ask for from a pair of women's water shoes?