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About Women's Underwear:

It’s not asking too much to have women’s underwear and sports bras be both functional and stylish. These are not mutually exclusive features. Thankfully, the undergarments for women found on this page are comfortable, stylish and practical. With a wide variety of colors, cuts and materials from some of your favorite brands such as Patagonia, Lole, Smartwool, Beyond Yoga and Ibex, you are pretty much guaranteed to find at least one pair that is perfect for your lifestyle. Innovative, feel-good materials offer uncompromising comfort which will have you questioning how you ever put up with their cotton counterparts.

The best high-performance women’s underwear never quits. From low-riding thongs to full coverage briefs, they offer superb durability and stretch to move with your body. No slipping, creeping or bunching prevents you from having to make any awkward adjustments during your cycling class. Seamless bands won’t roll or bind while soft, lightweight silhouettes reduce the appearance of lines even under tight-fitting base layers. High-tech fabrics such as natural Merino wool or soft and stretchy synthetics offer benefits such as odor control, moisture wicking, quick-drying and anti-chafing.

Not to be outdone by what’s on bottom, the women’s sports bras found above are fantastic from the studio to street. Leave your underwire bras at home and slip into silky soft comfort that is supportive and keeps the girls locked up tight. Choose from various types: low, medium and high impact depending on what the day calls for. Flattering colors and styles wick away moisture and allow heat to dissipate. They provide easy on and off options while select styles feature adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to customize your fit. From sporty to stylish, you’ll look and feel good because of what lies beneath.