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About Women's Trail Running Shoes:

Trail running is the coolest kind of running you can do. Cooler than free running. Even Cooler than running for president. If you are planning on running for president though it might be a good idea to pick up a pair of trail running shoes because it will show your constituents that you are the kind of woman who enjoys the environment and takes pride in her personal appearance.

Trail running shoes may not be the most flashy and obvious pieces of apparel for raking in loads of compliments from strangers. But they are great for running and people who know about them will not hesitate to tell you so. I wore my trail shoes into work today and I actually got asked on a running date by one of the cute guys who sits behind me. Basically I used my shoes to find a guy who has similar interests to me, which is something that not every pair of shoes can do. I mean, if I had been wearing heels and the same guy had told me he loves to wear high heels and go trail running I would really have to think about things.

The best trail running shoes from the top brands in outdoor sports all have several things in common. Trail shoes have to be comfortable and breathable, maybe with a little waterproofing to resist the occasional puddle and massive amounts of morning dew. Another feature to look for is adequate ankle support, you don’t want to overdo it and deny yourself range of motion but having just the right amount of support is essential for preventing injuries so you can enjoy the trails even more.

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