Womens Technical Jackets

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About Women's Technical and Lightweight Jackets:

I met a psychic the other day. I was just walking down the street and a woman in an awesome dress grabbed me by the wrist, stared at my palm, looked into my eyes and told me “Tell them about technical jackets and the other side.” then she disappeared into a crowd.

Women’s technical jackets are useful for more than snowboarding and skiing. That’s right, I’m talking about paranormal investigation. When a spirit causes the temperature in the room to drop 20 degrees you don’t want to be caught unprepared. Likewise, if you have been out in the mountains tracking yeti and you return to find that your camp has been ransacked by a sasquatch you will be glad that you have a lightweight jacket that resists abrasions that has the waterproofing and insulation you need to get back to town without suffering any injuries.

You don’t need to be a believer to know that a technical jacket will keep you ready for anything that presents itself, and if you get abducted by aliens its probably just because they want to investigate your coat.