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About Women's Running and Hiking Socks:

Socks are like hugs for your feet. Besides being comfortable, warm and pretty much essential for hiking socks are awesome because they help you build your greatness from the bottom up. Socks go great with shoes, or they are solid alternative to slippers when you feel like lounging around at home, socks even go great on sandwiches… Wait, that’s lettuce.

The best women’s socks I own are made of wool and they are so comfy that when I am wearing other socks I will stop talking in a conversation, start staring off into space and thinking about how my feet must be sad because they went from being in a really comfortable pair of socks to just your average sock, that’s got to be depressing. Merino wool is definitely the best wool for socks because not only is it warm and breathable, it has natural anti odor properties, which is great in regular socks and amazing in hiking socks when you can’t always be carrying a fresh pair of socks for every day.

Socks don’t just have to be technically useful though. The best pair of socks is fashionable as they are functional. I love having a pair of socks with fun colors or patterns. They can really complement an outfit and make excellent sock puppets when the need arises. All of the socks on this page are so awesome that you will want to sleep with them on, if you don’t already sleep with socks on that is. If you already do you will probably continue to do so.