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About Women's Ski Pants:

Call ‘em women’s ski pants, we’ll call them super pants. Because anything less would be selling them short – you have a lot to worry about while you’re staring down the slopes, the last of which should be whether or not your pants are going to stand up to the conditions you’re bound to encounter. It isn’t enough to look great out there (thought that’s a pretty big part of it) and you can use all the quality tech you can handle. That’s exactly why we’ve thrown together this women’s ski pants page, giving you the ability to rock some winter-fighting bottoms that perform great and look better. Or is it look great and perform better? Spoiler alert: They’re great at both.

Quick – what do you look for in a great pair of women’s ski pants? The list should be comprehensive, and the top brands you’ll find above are well aware. It’s seldom dry while you’re out there (can you imagine?) so keeping you waterproof is a nice place to start, but what else? Those ski slopes are rarely paired with record high temps, so doing your part to keep the chill out of your legs will be given a boost thanks to some high-quality insulation. And these are the standards; any ski pants worth a darn are sure to have a wealth of other top-notch features, and our handy guide up above can point you to them. So your women’s ski pants with adjustable cuffs, reflective material and Gore-Tex sandwich pockets can become a reality very fast. Well, maybe not the sandwich pockets, but they’re working on that.

Use them for skiing, use them for snowboarding. Heck, use them for grilled cheese making for all we care, just so long as you treat yourself to the wonderful world you receive by donning some clutch women’s ski pants. That brand new ski jacket you’ve gifted yourself could use a soulmate and, lucky for you, the collection just above is sure to provide you just that.