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About Women's Sandals and Flip Flops:

A great pair of women’s sandals is much more than just a piece of comfortable and stylish footwear great for the beach. A great pair of sandals says, Hey, I’m proud of my feet and want to show them off a bit. Alright, maybe your sandals won’t actually speak (that’d be kinda weird) but they’re a statement to yourself and the rest of the world that you want to take care of those feet and do it right. The only thing better than rocking a first class pair of sandals along the beach? Nothing comes to mind, really.

Think that wearing a pair of sandals will hold you back from your favorite athletic activities? Think again – brands like Chaco and Keen have built awesome sports sandals, ones that keep your toes nice and ventilated while keeping a solid hold on your foot. When you can grip the trail ahead with confidence and stay comfortable and cool, it’s like the best of both worlds right beneath your feet.

Want to stay casual? Stay casual, and look great doing it. Be it casual sandals or flip flops, your favorites from Birkenstock and Olukai throw a solid dose of fashion in the mix, making sure you’re looking just as great as you feel. And you’re feel great, that’s for sure – sun-kissed and soaking up the excellent weather, nothing beats a first class pair of women’s sandals. Oh, we said that already? Well, maybe that’s because it bears repeating. Or maybe it’s the short-term memory loss. Who is to say, really?