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About Women's PFDs:

Women’s PFDs provide the optimal fit while out on the water. We’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that women have different body types than men. So, it makes sense that these personal flotation devices are cut differently to better fit a woman’s shape. Moosejaw’s selection of water sports safety gear for women can handle just about everything, from paddle boarding to kayaking, waterskiing to fishing, and so much more.

These PFDs and life jackets are designed specifically for women. Say goodbye to annoying sliding around and chafing. These are very adjustable to fit your body without anything getting in the way. There is ample room to move and paddle so you’ll be comfortable all day long. After trying a women’s-specific PFD, you’ll swear off any and all unisex styles.

No matter what you’re up to on the water it’s imperative that you are prepared for the worst-case scenarios. Even if you’re a strong swimmer you never know what will hinder your ability to move so make sure you pack a lifevest for the unexpected. Luckily, with a women’s personal flotation device on-hand, you’re able to make sure you’re as safe as possible in the water. Plus, the extra safety features such as D-rings to hold whistles, reflective patches, and pockets to hold pliers and multitools make them go the extra mile.