Womens One Piece Bathing Suits

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About Women's One-Piece Bathing Suits and Swimwear:

When you are checking out of the store, does a two piece bathing suit count as two items or one? Thoughts like this keep me up at night, that’s why I got a one piece bathing suit, so I don’t have to be worried about whether or not I have violated checkout procedure. I love my women’s one piece bathing suit because not only does it help me know exactly how many items I am wearing, it also hides the fact that I am a clone and have no belly button.

The best one piece bathing suits are all right here for you to choose from. These bathing suits are great because they are fast drying, comfortable and offer a great fit in a variety of colors. Don’t feel like you are limited to using your bathing suit just for swimming though. Besides using one for its namesake, bathing, you can also just wear your bathing suit everywhere you go. I wore my one piece into work today and when my boss asked me what I was thinking I just flipped my hair and said “At least it’s a one piece.” My boss commended me on my commitment to preserving some sense of decency in the office. Then all of my coworkers started to cheer, they lifted me up on a beach chair and carried me to a luau. It was a great morning.

If you are looking to catch some eyes at the beach, or even if you are just looking to catch some waves, you need a bathing suit. A cute one piece is a fantastic choice, they’re still sexy as all getout but they leave a little more to the imagination. If there is anything that I really look for in a guy, its imagination. Well, that, pretty eyes and a good smile.