Womens Mountaineering Boots

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About Women's Mountaineering Boots:

A pair of women's mountaineering boots has your back (and feet) when your hiking boots are not sufficient to handle snowy mountain peaks and highly technical routes. You need a pair that works just as hard as you do to conquer what's underfoot. Some of the best alpine and mountaineering boots for women are all right here, ready and waiting for you to make your selection.

Women's mountaineering boots are set apart from other boots by their durability, resilience and support. Strap on some crampons and take on the approach with everything you've got. Both plastic and leather boots offer you tons of support, warmth and protection from water and wind. Choose the level of support and range of motion you need based on fully rigid soles, flexible ankle cuffs and lacing systems.

A regular ole pair of backpacking boots won't see you through scrambles and long approaches. To stay light and nimble on ice and rock, get yourself into a pair of women's ice climbing and mountaineering boots. Your feet will be shielded from blisters, frostbite, black toenails and broken ankles thanks to superior support and protection. You'll wonder why you hadn't done this sooner.