Womens Insulated Vests

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About Women's Insulated Vests:

Think of an insulated vest like a statement you make to the world. A statement like, hey, I want to show off my arms but not get super cold, or I really want to give my torso a hug. Whatever that statement might be, do it loud and do it with a maximum amount of comfort – the insulated vests we’ve gathered for women are wildly capable and ridiculously good looking, so much so that you might need to brace yourself for all the extra attention sure to come your way. Spoiler Alert: You’re going to love it.

It’s entirely possible that you will opt to wear long sleeves in addition to your women’s insulated vest, which is perfectly acceptable. Being incredibly versatile is the name of the game here after all, and pairing that ultra-warm vest with a capable baselayer can do a whole lot of good towards shunning cold weather. Most importantly, there is no denying that vests add a level of completion to an outfit that would otherwise be missing. Layering is a very effective way to combat the cold, making a vest a useful ally in your frost-fighting campaign.

Don’t fret over which type of insulation is best to line your new jacket – feel like strapping into the tried and true goodness of packable down? Or perhaps feel like going duck-free and snatching some synthetic goodness? Just know you’ll be getting the best whichever way you work it out, finding a torso-hugger that is filled to the brim with top-notch cold-besting goodness.