Womens Gore Tex Footwear

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About Women's Gore-Tex Boots and Shoes:

Women's footwear engineered with GORE-TEX® technology utilizes a membrane that keeps out water while allowing maximum breathability. That's why it has such a stellar reputation in the outdoors industry. Shoes and boots that are designed using GORE-TEX® fabric are durable and impervious to wet conditions.

Even in some of the crummiest weather, the sweat vapor given off by your feet will pass through your footwear to keep your feet dry. This directly equates to less blisters and other foot problems. Through mud, snow, slush and water, you are guaranteed to stay dry and comfortable.

Here is a brief rundown of the specific types of women's GORE-TEX footwear found on this page: Surround technology features 360-degree breathability in addition to underfoot breathability, allowing moisture and warm air to escape. Extended Comfort Footwear is ideal for warmer conditions and high-output activities. Performance Comfort Footwear offers optimized climate control for moderate weather conditions. Insulated Comfort Footwear is perfect for cold conditions and outdoor winter activities. No matter where your feet take you, you can count on GORE-TEX protection even in the unexpected downpour.