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About Women's Gloves and Mittens:

Your hands are pretty amazing tools. For a moment, imagine how this text would come to be without a pair of hands working its way across a keyboard, and don’t say voice-to-text. No, you need honest-to-goodness fingers, thumbs and hands to get work done, and seeing as how your hands work so hard for you, it’s only fair to do everything you can to protect them from the elements. Hands – and the rest of your body, by extension – aren’t really big on that whole “frostbite” thing, so finding the right women’s gloves is beyond important.

We aren’t afraid to boast: These are some of the best women’s gloves and mitts you can find just about anywhere. Thing is, it’s more than just cozy material that keeps your fingers warm - gloves built with conductive fingertips allow for ease in texting, taking selfies, or doing whatever-the-hell else you can imagine doing with that cell phone of yours. Mittens may not be as perfect for operating a touch screen, but they are perfect at being warm and comfortable, as well as giving you a sort-of cool paw-type hand.

Getting yourself into some serious winter sporting? Expecting some nasty, inclement weather? Suffer from poor circulation and just have the coldest fingers? Your solution is ready for the taking. The best and most rugged gloves and mitts are prepared to keep all of your fingers in working order.