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Outdoor Research Women's Wrapid Gaiter

Outdoor Research
Women's Wrapid Gaiter

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About Women's Gaiters:

After trying out a pair of women's gaiters, you'll wonder in amazement at just how you ever lived without them. They are lightweight armor for your legs and keep out the annoying filtration of sand, snow, pebbles, water and dust. Whether you are looking for tall or short gaiters, this page has got you covered.

Women's gaiters are insanely versatile. From mountaineering and trekking to trail running and even muddy yard work, they never give up on you. Their instep straps are remarkably durable, while the gaiter bodies themselves are extraordinarily lightweight making them easy to pack. Their fitted design ensures that they stay in place even in thick brush and brambles.

Abrasion-resistant, easy to put on, exceptionally waterproof all meet the criteria of quality that you expect in a pair of women's gaiters. They'll keep your feet warm and dry without locking in moisture or cutting off circulation in your legs. Whether you are in deep snow, heavy mud, a rocky trail or an unexpected downpour of rain, you can count on women's gaiters to keep you dry and protected.