Womens Climbing Shoes

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About Women's Climbing Shoes:

Women's climbing shoes might not be the oldest type of shoes in the climbing the business, but that does not make them any less innovative or high-quality than their male counterparts. Designed with a different last, higher arch, lower instep and narrower toe box, these rock climbing shoes make an immediate impact on your climbing as they were designed for a woman's foot. Slip on a pair of these bad boys and you can stand on just about anything.

It is important to note that not all of the climbing shoes on this page are versatile. Some styles are made for specific types of climbing such as cracks, trad or bouldering. Other styles are much more adaptable and can handle a variety of terrains and climbs. The magic rule that we like to adhere to is the higher the degree of downtown in a climbing shoe, the more specialized it is for a specific type of climb. A lesser degree is usually better for beginners and for all-around climbing.

From multi-pitch routes to afternoons at the gym wall, you can trust your feet thanks to these women's rock climbing shoes. They offer maximum precision and sensitivity for steep climbs, pockets and cracks. No matter the angle or terrain, you're bound to experience top-notch performance with a pair of these climbing shoes hugging your feet.