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About Women's Briefs:

These women’s briefs are not your everyday cotton underwear. Offering superior comfort and functionality, this high-performance underwear never quits. It refuses to bunch or creeping up even during strenuous activities so you can focus on what’s ahead instead what’s behind. These boyshorts and briefs are modest enough to use as swimwear should you find yourself sans suit with a body of water nearby.

It’s a given that you will sweat a lot while out backpacking or hiking a long trail so you should have underwear that keeps you as cool and clean as possible. Thankfully, the women’s briefs found above are constructed by some of the top undergarment brands in the business such as ExOfficio, Smartwool and Patagonia. Snug-fitting for thermal efficiency without rubbing or chafing, you’ll stay comfortable mile after mile. Silky soft, durable and lightweight, they are perfect for longer trips because you will pack fewer thus keeping the weight of your pack down. Flattering silhouettes work well under form-fitting bottoms as they reduce the appearance of lines.

Generally speaking, females are more concerned about proper personal hygiene, especially during sports, hiking and travel. Anti-microbial odor technology allows you to change your underwear less often. When the times come for laundering, quick-dry fabric cuts your drying time in half so you don’t have to deal with a soggy wet bottom.Leg openings are unrestricted allowing you to move around and stretch as much as possible. Innovative breathable fabrics wick away moisture and regulate body temperature to keep you dry without overheating. These women’s briefs are some of the best on the market and make for a quality investment that will last for many trips and seasons to come.