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About Sport Bras and Athletic Bras:

If I could walk around in just one of these bras I would, the only problem is they keep it really cold in the office and, even though these are some of the most comfortable bras in the world, they don’t provide the kind of all over warmth that you expect from clothes or a nice glass of brandy. I compromised the other day and wore one of my bras on the outside of my clothes, I got some strange looks but the cute boy who sits across from me said that it really brought out my eyes, so I consider it a successful outfit.

Above all else a bra has to be dependable, not only to provide a comfortable fit and support but to act as a silent accessory to the rest of my clothes. If a little bit of strap peeks out I would much rather it be sexy than embarrassing, that’s why these are some of the best bras online. They have all of the functionality I need in a variety of all of the cute colors and styles that I want.

You might catch some people staring when you wear one of these bras, but I can guarantee that it is going to be the good kind of staring where boys blush and look away. You’ll be filled with enough sexy confidence to take anything that happens in stride because you’ll know that above all else you are going to look great; so there’s nothing the world can throw at you that you can’t handle.

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