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About our Women's Boots Sale:

Pretend for a second money isn’t an object – you’re able to get into absolutely any pair of boots, for absolutely any reason. Trying to complete that outfit of yours? Looking to prepare yourself for those weekend hiking trips? Maybe you’d like to do both of those things? Unfortunately, we aren’t able to discount our women’s boots to zero dollars (that’s not how you run a business, ladies) but we’ve been able to do the next best thing: Put together this extensive women’s boots sale, allowing you to pick from some of the best brands and get all you ever wanted in a pair of killer boots, saving some serious cash in the process.

Did we mention there’s quite a variety to choose from, too? You girls have plenty on your plate – be it preparing for those backcountry excursions, stepping out on the town with your friends or trying to keep it comfy and casual. It’s not likely you’ll find a pair that’ll be perfect for every single situation, so why not grab all you need at better-than-you-could-imagine prices? We don’t like to brag or anything (okay, maybe we do) but this is something worth being proud about.

Have your “Every Type of Boot” checklist handy? We can roll through that thing pretty quick. Knee-high leather boots rocking waterproof protection? Check. Low-cut trail warriors that perfectly blend surprising comfort and peerless support? Check. Fleece-lined boots mixing waterproof suede and a durable outersole to give you a great looking and functional outfit completer? Checks upon checks. And let’s not sleep on the best part: Outstanding looks sitting hand in hand with incredible savings. This is clearance-level prices on first-class women’s footwear, and isn’t that reason to be excited? We’re excited.