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About Wolverine Footwear:

For well over a century, Wolverine has been a faithful leader in dependable and rugged footwear, building tough, sturdy boots that are as comfortable as they are durable. Born out of Rockford, Michigan in 1883, Wolverine is responsible for outfitting the men and women who helped build this country up, giving them quality boots that were made to stand up against whatever hard work came their way.

With Wolverine, authenticity comes first. This is high-quality gear made for those who do high-quality work, with a commitment made to provide a product that won't let you down. Wolverine is built upon the idea of instilling the American spirit within everything it does, meaning this is willpower and perseverance, distilled into boot form.

Throughout our Wolverine collection you'll find a wide array of footwear for all occasions, from rugged and rough work boots to casual sneakers made for everyday wear. But Wolverine doesn't maintain being a leader in quality footwear by promoting diversity alone. A never-ending pledge towards innovation by way of the latest and greatest in comfort and durability technologies gives Wolverine a consistent edge, bridging the gap between toughness and unabashed comfortability. Is that not a real word? Well it doesn't matter, because it's true.

So confident in their ability in making footwear as comfortable as it is durable, Wolverine backs it's work with 30-day comfort guarantee, a claim they throw in their trademarked promise of making the world's most comfortable boots and shoes, period. Go ahead and put them to the test. Wolverine is proud to give you a finely engineered piece of determination, built to take on any challenge you might face.

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