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About Wetsuits:

Wetsuits are one of the most important inventions in the outdoor gear world. They provide warmth, protection and comfort in a wide variety of environments and temperatures. They enable you to get outside and stay active even when conditions are not ideal. From diving to kayaking, surfing to paddle boarding, wetsuits can be worn for a large number of water sports. Whether you’re looking for a one-piece or you need a wetsuit top or bottom, Moosejaw carries a vast selection of wetsuits for men and women.

There is a reason why NRS, O’Neill, Level Six, and other trusted brands are so popular in the water sports world. It is because they have put an insane amount of thought and science into each and every one of their wetsuits. Neoprene allows you to retain body heat to keep your muscles warm and loose reducing your risk of injury. This also improves blood flow and coordination so you can perform at your best. Next-to-skin fit allows for a full range of body movement even in frigid waters. Details such as taped and stitchless seams keep you warmer for longer. These suits are also available to meet your zipper preferences whether you prefer a full zipper, half zipper or completely zipperless.

The importance of having a good wetsuit cannot be understated. It’ll keep you going when others want to quit. Incredibly warm and durable, these men’s and women’s wetsuits can handle pretty much whatever the waves and water throw at them. They’re lightweight and comfortable so you never feel like your movements are restricted or your performance has been hindered. Whether you want top-of-line or you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck. Moosejaw provides wetsuits that are available in a variety of price points.