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About Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bags:

Never sleep cold again. Ever again. You just don’t have to, not when you’re catching your z’s in a Western Mountaineering sleeping bag. I mean, we get it, you’re a free spirit, looking to run through the countryside on that bike tour of yours, never really knowing when your next nap session may be, or where. When you can’t really depend on the elements to cooperate (and really, when can you) packing some gear that works incredibly, stupidly well is probably the smart way to do it. That’s what makes products from Western Mountaineering so special – they do their job, every time.

Expect warmth, and get it. No more late-night camping naps interrupted by chilly temperatures. Western Mountaineering packs their sleeping bags full of tremendous patented technology, with a wealth of options available to get you into exactly what you need. Looking for a bag that will be adaptable throughout any and all seasons? The UltraLite line trims down on the excess bulk all while keeping you reliably warm when you need it most. Want to take up the least amount of pack space as possible? The HighLite line is you new best friend, teeming extra compressible fabric with a reliable shell fabric. But maybe – just maybe - you want your sleeping bag to be as warm as it can be. The VersaLite will have you covered, packing in unreal insulation to keep any cold at bay.

But hey, grab the bag that works best for you. Different sleeping bags offer different levels of protection, with full waterproof, windproof and basically coldproof options on the table. So whether your time is to be spent snoozing through the Pacific Northwest or deep in the middle of an arctic backcountry, Western Mountaineering has your back. And your front, and your legs and arms too. Pretty much your entire body. You know how sleeping bags work, right?