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About Werner Paddles:

The passion behind Werner Paddles was born in 1945 when Werner Sr. took a class in foldable kayaking and paddling strokes taught by the Swiss military. Fast forward a decade and Werner Sr. and his wife, Martha, bought their first kayak to explore the Adirondacks with their growing family. As time went on, he began engineering his own water sports gear that better fit his family’s needs and their tight budget. In 1959, he built his first kayak followed closely by a handmade paddle constructed of a tree branch and some shingles.

Each Werner paddle is handcrafted in Washington state. You can literally feel the quality and reliability with every stroke in the water. From stand up paddle boarding to touring and fishing kayaking, no paddling water sport has been left without a paddle. The key ingredients of a Werner paddle are the advanced design and advanced fit. Each one is constructed to reduce fatigue while supplying a better fit. Precise balance, smooth strokes and a lightweight swing keep things fun and comfortable for a day full of paddling. You know that good times are ahead every time you pick up one of these paddles.

Since the mid-1960’s, Werner has been on a quest to build a better performing paddle. Few outdoor companies can say that they have been around for almost 75 years. The company is still run by the family today and they continue to create advanced designs to provide the best paddling experience possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Werner makes it easy to enjoy yourself in the lakes, rivers and waves of the great outdoors.