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Yakima HullHound Kayak Carrier

HullHound Kayak Carrier

$92.99   $109.00
15% off
Yakima SweetRoll Kayak Carrier

SweetRoll Kayak Carrier

$185.99   $219.00
15% off
Thule Mooring 4 in 1 Kayak/SUP Carrier
  • GREY

Mooring 4 in 1 Kayak/SUP Carrier

$178.99   $199.95
10% off
Yakima HullRaiser Carrier w/ Strap

HullRaiser Carrier w/ Strap

$84.99   $99.99
15% off
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About Roof Racks for Watersport Gear:

Even if you live on the water at some point you are going to want to transport your watersports gear to a body of water that you haven’t yet explored. Unless you are incredibly adventurous and live on a major waterway then the only way you are going to get your gear where you need it to be is to transport it with your car. A watersport rack is the perfect rack for transporting your kayaks, canoe and stand up paddle board so you can get the most out of your water adventuring gear.

The first water sports rack that I ever used was actually just a rifle rack modified to hold water guns. Since I’ve grown older and learned about all of the fun that you can have kayaking and paddleboarding I’ve laid down my hydraulic weaponry in lieu of getting more sophisticated water sports equipment. A kayak or a paddle board is an investment in adventure and can have significant monetary and emotional value. You wouldn’t strap your pets or children to the roof of your car and assume that a couple rotations of twine is going to hold them on, so why would you risk your paddling equipment by not getting a rack to make transportation safe? Just to clarify though, do not attach your pets or children to these racks, it voids the warranty.

The best kayak and paddle board racks for your car, truck, van or velocipede are all waiting here for you to choose from. Except I’m not sure about the velocipede, I think that you may need to get a rack for that custom ordered. Anyways, everyone is going to be really impressed with how nice your rack is, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments at work since I upgraded mine.