Waterproof Storage

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About Waterproof Storage:

Waterproof storage ensures that you never have to deal with the old phone-in-rice trick. Protect your necessities from a burial at sea with dry bags and waterproof cases. Roll-top dry bags, waterproof duffel bags, waterproof phone cases and more are designed with sealed seams to shield your essentials from water damage.One would think that something as technical and practical as a waterproof dry bag would cost a pretty penny. Budget-friendly and completely trustworthy, what more can you ask for when preparing for an adventure out on the water?

SealLine, NRS, OtterBox, Sea to Summit and other trusted water sports brands have designed and tested the most protective waterproof storage on the market. They are constructed of vulcanized rubber, ripstop nylon and neoprene. These hardshell cases and softshell bags are lightweight and easy to transport. Not to mention they are insanely durable. Throw them in the back of the trunk, toss them into your kayak, tie them onto the side of a raft. These waterproof stuff sacks and dry bags can handle all the use and abuse you throw at them.

From phone and tablet cases to duffel dry bags, this waterproof storage is available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Don’t reserve these storage options just for the summer months. Use them while out skiing and snowboarding or even for emergency preparedness. There will never be an occasion where you regret having packed a bag that keeps all your essential belongings safe from the elements.