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About Wakeboard Vests and Life Jackets:

Safety is pretty important when you are wakeboarding, but so is having a good time. That is why wakeboard vests are so awesome, not only do they provide the lifesaving buoyancy of a pfd, they also protect against water abrasion. Also, some of these wakeboard vests are pretty neat looking, I like to wear them under formal attire so I look more buff.

The best wakeboard vests serve the same purpose as life jacket but they also give you enough range of motion to fully enjoy one of the most badass water sports that there is. Seriously, the range of motion that a wakeboard vest gives you is almost like wearing nothing at all. I was trying to demonstrate this point to a friend the other day and wore my vest disc golfing. All was going well until my buddy landed a drive in the center of a small pond. I forgot that I was wearing a wakeboarding vest and dutifully dove into the water to retrieve the errant disc. Since I was still wearing the vest it was incredibly difficult to remain submerged for any amount of time. I ended up tiring myself out and having a nice nap floating in the pond. The only thing that could have made that day better would have been if I had been able to get that disc back.

You can’t go wrong with any of these vests because they come from some of the top brands in wakeboarding. The technology and engineering that goes into making these bad boys is so advanced that I am beginning to suspect that extraterrestrials may have played a role in their design. Take your safety seriously, but don’t forget to have an awesome time on the water.