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About Vvolt:

Based out of Portland, Vvolt is working to creating a world where cities are bike and pedestrian-friendly. With increased investment in infrastructure as well as creating e-bikes that improve access to safe, human-scale e-mobility that promotes environmental and human health. The current e-bike market is geared towards premium, high-end bike enthusiasts with most bikes designed for extreme uses. Vvolt strives to bring e-bikes to the community at an affordable cost with minimum maintenance and maximum enjoyment. With different options for the average commuter, these e-bikes have a range of up to 60 miles on one battery while maintaining a sleek profile and robustly built that even the least mechanically inclined will be able to use.

With e-bikes that are more affordable and easier to ride, maintain, and use, more people will choose to leave the car at home and bike. Vvolt believes that more people using electric-assisted transportation will lead to a cleaner planet and healthier community, by making e-bikes more accessible to the average person, we will be able to jump-start this revolution.

Vvolt leverages some of the most cutting-edge battery technologies to utilize highly efficient Celxpert batteries with options of either rear hub or MPF mid-drive motors. With other key features such as stepless shifting, torque sensors, belt drive, hydraulic brakes, and 4 different levels of assistance, even the most novice biker will be able to handle these trusty steeds.