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About Vimmia:

Keeping yourself healthy? Pushing yourself to get stronger? Easier said than done. Being lazy is so easy, but assembling the proper outfit can do wonders towards getting you in the best mindset for victory. Vimmia has built activewear for those who seek to strike a balance between a busy life and a healthy lifestyle, blending bleeding edge tech fabrics to forward thinking design so you can look your best while you’re feeling even better.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it: You want to do your very best holding those yoga poses but you also wouldn’t mind turning a few heads in the process, would you? Of course not. Designed and built in Southern California, Vimmia leggings are lightweight and high compression, able to be comfortable and freeing all at once. Same with Vimmia bras, with all the flexibility of your favorite sports bra just with added tech like heat- and moisture-wicking material.

Your clothing should empower you, and if it doesn’t? It should find itself a one-way ticket to the trash bin. Refuse to suffer lesser activewear on your journey to yoga expertise, gym-time excellence, or running exaltation. Vimmia was created so you could better celebrate your life. Have at it.