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About Vibram FiveFingers:

So, I was going to write all about how Vibram FiveFingers are shoes, but looking at them, I don't think they're shoes. They might be gloves. Like foot gloves. And they remind me of panda bears for some reason, but I don't think this is the place to get into that. So, anyway, getting right on to Vibram Five Finger shoe gloves. They're kinda awesome. Here's why:

The whole point, I guess, of Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoes is that they allow you to basically be barefoot, but with a sole, so you don't get rocks and stuff stuck in your feet. That would suck. Being barefoot, they tell me, alters your whole stride, helps put your body into natural alignment, and strengthens the muscles in your legs and feet. That whole muscle strengthening thing is why the fine folks at Vibram say you should slowly work in to your Five Finger shoes. Footgloves. Whatever.

Your muscles will have to adapt and strengthen to your new barefoot stride. Plus not being all crammed into regular shoes makes the muscles in your feet work a lot harder. When you run in FiveFingers, your stride will naturally move from a heel strike to a mid-foot or forefoot strike: you get increased stability, optimum balance less impact, and greater propulsion. I like adjectives.

So, that was pretty much my disclaimer that says don't get these sweet shoes and wear them all day every day right out of the box. You might hurt yourself. I think I'm the official writer of "you might hurt yourself" disclaimers at Moosejaw now. That is a sweet promotion. I'm totally making signs for the office.

There's a pair of Vibram Five Fingers for just about any activity you can think of. Of course, they're all about barefoot running, so if you want to be all about barefoot running, most of the Five Fingers styles are for you. Check out the, Bikila, Sprint, Flow, KSO, TrekSport, KSO Trek, or Komoda Sport for running. Of course you can do other stuff in them, too, besides running. The FiveFingers KSO, KSO Trek, and TrekSport made really great trekking and hiking shoes. The FiveFingers Flow KSO, and Sprint are unparalled in the water.

If you're working out in the gym, you'll really dig FiveFingers. Vibram FiveFinger shoes can help improve your stability while weight lifting, or doing yoga or pilates. Check out the Classic, Jaya LR, or Jaya for fitness. The Performa and Performa Jane are like made for yoga.