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About our Vasque Sale:

Who doesn’t like a rock solid pair of boots? After all, you are here, aren’t you? Dear shopper, you must know a thing or two about quality rugged footwear if you’ve stumbled upon a page full of Vasque boots, but you know what? That’s not even the best part. You have the ability to not only be smart with your future boot choices but you can be thrifty too, taking full advantage of this Vasque sale page. The very best in dependable outdoor footwear at clearance-level prices? Who knows, maybe you’re dreaming.

Except you aren’t. You’ve got tried and true savings alongside kickass hiking boots, imploring you to step out there and face the “unknown”. Sound scary? Well, it shouldn’t. Not when you’ve got the sheer, awesome power of Vasque on your side. Gore-Tex will keep your feet dry no matter how many puddles you choose to jump through – jump through a lot - with no worry of a lack of breathability.

Tricky trails ahead? Grab the road in front of you without worry of slipping and sliding around. Unparalleled grip on uneven surfaces will keep you upright and charging ahead, ready for whatever comes your way. And in case we forgot, you can do this without spending loads of cash. How this is possible shouldn’t be your concern, just worry about your adventure plans.