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About Under Armour Women's Jackets:

This is outerwear, built for those who aspire to kick some ass. After all, you’re no wilting wallflower – on the contrary, you’re bound for excitement and need to get into a jacket that won’t hold you back. And that’s the idea here, as you won’t be running into bulky, cumbersome coats that provide cold-fighting power at the detriment of your agility. Under Armour’s jackets for women do work for those looking to bring some powerful outerwear into that whole running-jogging-trekking-climbing lifestyle of theirs, active outerwear for active individuals.

Whatever you’re to find on the road ahead, be ready for it. You’ll find a number of different options above, making it easy for youto get yourself into a jacket that’s just what you’re looking for. Planning on spending long treks through a chilly alpine tundra that’s sure to keep temps at an all-time low? An Under Armour parka, built with that fancy Primaloft insulation, will ensure that warmth stays right where you need it and the chill of unkind weather stays out.

But not everyone is looking to trudge through an arctic backcountry. Those who feel like heading out for a jog in some mild fall weather can feast their eyes on Under Armour’s fleece jackets, merging the undeniable comfort of fleece with fancy features like DWR – or durable water repellant – coated fabric to ensure no light rain ruins your run. Softshell zip-ups give you extra adaptability, with the option to throw some extra warmth through layers if things get chilly.

Stay warm, stay comfy, and do it while rocking that enviable Under Armour style. Nothing quite like being able to turn some heads and step out feeling your most confident at the same time.