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About Under Armour Men's Hiking Boots and Shoes:

Prepare to hit the ground running, no matter what’s on the road ahead of you. That might seem just a little cavalier, but consider this: You have the ability to step into footwear that can prepare you for just about anything. We say “just about” because while you might not find a pair of ballet-ready slippers (so sorry about that) you will find a pair of hiking boots that outperforms the competition. Under Armour is built of over achievers – from the products they build to the creative and capable minds who manufacture them, this is something their line of men’s hiking shoes and boots perfectly encapsulates.

Encapsulates is sort of a big word, so let’s break it down for you: What we’re getting at here is Under Armour has broken new ground in the hiking footwear world, putting out styles and options that just haven’t been available before. The look here is like Hiking Footwear 2.0 – no longer are you stuck buy ugly, bulky boots just to get a piece of superior utility. It’s that imitable Under Armour look, wrapped upon a hike-bound trail warrior. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fear no trail in front of you. Not when you’re rocking a healthy amount of waterproof lining, ensuring no rain, snow or ultra-tricky puddles get in the way of your good time. Oh, and that high traction outsole means you’ll be keeping your footing and grabbing the trail, not falling on it. Add to that the fact that you can expect some first-class cushioned footing, meaning you’ll stand for longer adventures thanks to a better, more comfortable fit.