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About Under Armour Jackets:

Give cold weather a solid kick in the ass. So sorry to swear about it, but we’re super serious here – why bother allowing yourself to feel the stinging chill of winter when there’s something you can do about it? Not to mention that the “something” we’re referring to involves Under Armour. Unabashed pros when it comes to building it better, Under Armour has a rich history of taking an existing piece of activewear – originally starting with workout shirts, famously – and taking them to the next level, rethinking the way they’re built and painting a new perspective on what they can bring to the table. Their work with the jackets above is no exception.

Grab a coat that’ll help shield you from pesky elements without impeding your performance. Under Armour’s popular Infrared line uses first-class Primaloft insulation to ensure you stay warm even if the temperatures drop, keeping unwelcome conditions right where they belong. And no worry of overheating – Primaloft keeps things nice and breathable, meaning no need to worry of over the top temperatures when things get wild. Not keen on inclement weather getting you soaked while you’re out there? Moisture wicking can be your new best friend, forcing light rain and snow to fall right off like it never belonged in the first place.

Follow your impulse, and be spontaneous. Under Armour produces their wide variety of jackets and coats with each one built best for whatever you might be getting into – so get out there.