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About Under Armour:

Hard to imagine it now, but performance activewear hasn't always been a standard - at least, not before Under Armour. Forerunners of athlete-driven attire, the original idea - make a better t-shirt - was so simple that it's pretty incredible no one had thought of it before. Athletes, and all those who seek adventure, demand clothing that works with them, not against them. This is that original idea, set in motion. Manufacturing the best in baselayers, hoodies and a wealth of other apparel, there's a reason so many pros stick with Under Armour - the first, and best, designed to keep you cool and dry while you work your way through the most intense of physical activities.

Founded in 1996 by a former Maryland University football player, Kevin Plank was unquestionably disappointed with the t-shirts that he wore to work out. Understanding the advantages of compression-wear and how this type of tech can help muscles to recover faster after physical activities, he also wanted a shirt that could wick moisture away from the body, keeping the inevitable sweat at a minimum. His first Under Armour work brought these two together, bringing the start to the athletic apparel juggernaut they exist as today.

Quite simply, Under Armour has come a long way from just one t-shirt style. These days, they're known for an incredible variety of performance wear and workout clothes, with the expansion into inspired outerwear and footwear for men and women alike. Under Armour is built for those who feel the need to constantly push themselves, with the expectation that what they're wearing will work as hard and tough as they do. Don't expect any less than Under Armour.