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About Ultimate Direction:

Most of us have tried it: going out for a run with a water bottle in one hand and a cell phone in the other. It was the ultimate struggle that Ultimate Direction finally eliminated in 1985 when they introduced us to the hydration belt. Runners everywhere were saved. However, in 1986, they blessed customers with their innovative hydration vest that has been iconic for athletes ever since.

Currently, Ultimate Direction is a leading brand when it comes to no-bounce hydration and storage packs for athletes. Runners can choose from a variety of hydration belts and backpacks varying in size from 5L to 20L+. Key features include ripstop fabric, media pockets and hydration compatibility. Most ideal for trail running, Ultimate Direction keeps the vest close to the runner without the annoyance of rubbing against the skin.

Larger backpacks from Ultimate Direction tend to offer more features such as larger front storage on the chest straps, designated no-bounce laptop pockets with cords and sliding sternum straps. These all compile to create a comfortable, breathable, running or hiking backpack for uses both on and off of the trail. Ultimate Direction isn’t only designed for the trail, though. These packs can be found in the hottest of weather to the coldest snow days.