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About Trunk Mounted Bike Racks:

Trunk mounted bike racks are one of, if not the most, the most user friendly car racks. This is because they are extremely easy to install and are compatible with most vehicles. If you’re car or SUV is too tall to load a roof rack and/or it doesn’t have the proper rear suspension for a hitch mount, a trunk rack is the way to go. It can typically carry anywhere between two to four bicycles and can even handle cargo boxes for additional gear and equipment.

The tricky thing with trunk mounted racks is that they are secured using straps and cables with hooks. While this makes for easy installation and removal, it also means limited security. We recommend that bikes with irregular shaped frames or heavyweight mountain bikes are transported using a different rack option. Keep in mind that where the rack attaches to the back of your vehicle may limit access to the trunk. However, given that that they can easily be removed and fold down to a smaller size for storage, this shouldn’t be a huge strike against them.

When driving with bikes attached to your trunk rack, you will have to be cognizant of space as this will lengthen the size of your vehicle.This shouldn’t prevent you from accessing parking garages, drive-throughs, and the like. While this rack will add additional weight, it’s nothing as extreme as a rooftop one. You have a lot more freedom in terms of where your car can go and you can easily unload for a quick detour. Relatively lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with many types of vehicles, a trunk bike rack is an excellent addition for your next road trip.