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About Travel Gear:

Prepare for adventure! Yeah, traveling is pretty cool, but you know what isn’t? Not being ready, totally dropping the ball when it comes to that whole “being prepared” thing. Realistically it shouldn’t be that hard, and with the help of your good friends at Moosejaw it’ll be easier than ever before. Planning for the outdoors is sort of a specialty of ours, and swinging that emphasis over to the world of travel is no sweat. Just up above you’ll find a wide array of gear and equipment, built to help you travel the best way you know how – in style, and most definitely prepared.

The right pack can make or break your trip. You need to be sure it’s not only roomy but ultra-durable, unwilling to break in event of…well, if you knew what might trip you up you’d be able to avoid it, right? That’s the thing – anything can happen out there, so buying gear that is long-lasting and resilient matters most. Water-resistant and sturdy as hell? Those a prerequisites, not optional features.

But there’s plenty more to travel gear than daypacks. Headlamps, climbing cams, compression sacks and yoga slings…they all have a home here, and can all play a part in giving you a well thought out traveling experience. Take a look above and get psyched to do some great work out there, no matter where your travels take you.