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About Touring Ski Boots:

You may be asking yourself, "what makes touring boots different from your standard alpine ski boot?" The answer is actually a bit more complicated than it looks. Sure, its a big plastic boot that connects you to your skis, but touring boots generally have much more tech packed into them than a regular boot. Let's start with looks, most touring boots will have an actual sole on them to allow for better traction while hiking. This means a rubber sole with textured grooves for added traction. Another difference here will be small circular metal divots in the toe pieces. This will allow for a free range of movement when attached to your ski for skinning uphill. With your heel free and unrestrained, you will be able to get a better range of motion and a much more efficient stride for gliding up the mountain. There are corresponding metal pieces in the heel for when you do lock in to shred down the hill.

As we move up the boot, you may notice that the closure system may look a bit different as well. To further increase comfort and mobility, most touring boots have what is known as a "walk mode" or "touring mode" that allows for a looser fit and better range of motion. This usually includes loosening buckles as well as an adjustable spine in the back of the heel. This allows you to lock your boot cuff forward when you are skiing, and when hiking you can unlock it and increase the range of motion in your ankle. As you can see, the name of the game here is mobility and comfort. Everything about a touring boot is to optimize your hiking or skinning efficiency while still maintaining downhill performance. This comes with lighter materials, more adjustability, walk-mode, and different binding capabilities/ requirements. Another thing to consider when picking out a boot and the biggest thing to keep in mind is whether or not they are going to be compatible with your bindings. Check your binding and boot manufacturers for compatibility information and if in doubt, talk to us and we can help sort it out.