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About Toad and Co.:

Weave a little optimism into your everyday. If clothes make the man (or woman, of course) then it makes sense to put yourself into something a little more inspired. Explore the path less traveled! Do more to express yourself! Use a liberal amount of exclamation points! All of this is possible - and more - when you outfit yourself with the very best Toad and Co has to offer. Proudly building apparel that's as fashionable as it is environmentally smart, the mission at Toad and Co is a simple one: Provide positive change, one piece of clothing at a time.

You don't need to give up feeling comfortable just to look good; on the contrary, you can look great and feel awesome, thanks to a line of threads that wants to give you that relaxed look. Whether you are coming back into town from a long day of hiking or you gearing up for an international flight, Toad and Co has apparel that will keep you comfortable and stylish. Stay active, stay comfy and stay inspired all thanks to their lines of clothing.

As if eco-friendly, insanely comfortable and stylish wasn't enough, Toad and Co has released innovative tops and bottoms made from some of the most innovative materials around. From insect protection to odor control and moisture wicking to quick drying, you'd be hard pressed to find outdoor apparel and outerwear that is better suited to your adventure needs. Who cares if you've got a hot date after a day out in the wilderness? Thanks to Toad and Co, you can go from the trails to the streets in one go.