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About Tifosi Optics

The word "Tifosi" is Italian for a fan or enthusiast. And, let's face it. That's pretty much what we all are. I'm sure we all had dreams of becoming a professional athlete in our favorite sports, but that just doesn't always work out. For me, I blame my height. It's easier to say I'm not a professional athlete because I'm too short. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my skill level, especially since my mom always told me that I was special.

That's what I love about Tifosi Optics. They realize that we aren't all professionals, but are still enthusiastic about enjoying the sports we love, whether they be running or cycling, outdoor sports, water sports, or activities like golf and tennis. Tifosi makes their eyewear for those of us that have a pure love for our sports. Using technology like polarized and Fototec lenses to reduce strain on your eyes, Tifosi sun glasses function and perform as well as anything else out there, but are also a great deal for those of us that may not have the cheese that professional sponsorships can bring.

Though, this is not to say that pro athletes don't wear Tifosi, because they sure do. Tifosi is a sponsor to many different professional teams and athletes. Especially in the realm of cycling and bmx. Try out a pair of Tifosi Optics, and you'll be seeing more clearly. It's like seeing in HD and 3D at the same time, only more real, and more awesome!