Thule Watersports Racks

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About Thule Watersports Racks:

Alright, so the weather has gotten just good enough that you’re able to bust out the kayaks – congratulations? Now let’s get down to business here: How in the heck are you going to lug that thing down to the water? Sure, you probably could just throw a rope around that bad boy and let it trail behind you on your way to the beach, but that’s probably dangerous? Best to avoid that if at all possible.

So thank goodness for Thule. They exist to bring friends together, you see - giving you the ability to lug your precious gear out there and get that party started as soon as physically possible. Those surfboards and canoes need to be in capable hands to make sure they get from your place to the water, don’t they? You’d rather have room for your best buds in your backseat instead of trying to stuff a kayak back there, right? That’s what we thought.

Let Thule help you out here. Watersports are essentially the best thing ever – the incredible fun of being out on the water mixed with sports? Enjoy the nice weather, why don’t you. Go. Now.