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About Thule:

Is it pronounced tool-ee? Or is it too-lah? Whichever way you say it (so long as it isn’t thool) just know that Thule is one of the world’s premier transportation solutions brands, catering to the outdoor community with a wealth of products designed to help get you and your gear wherever it is you’re looking to go. For more than half a century Thule has been working to provide better solutions for those looking to carry what they need to bring their active life to its peak of potential – bring it all, bring your life. That’s the Thule motto, and their passion for producing top-notch outdoor goods is matched only by your passion to excel.

First established in 1942, the Thulin family forged their brand making products for fishermen throughout Sweden. As the years passed, the company slowly transitioned into manufacturing products for cars, hitting a milestone with the first ski racks for automobiles in 1962. This development opened the floodgates for Thule branded car accessories, giving way to countless breakthroughs on behalf of Thule to the outdoor travel industry. From bike racks to car roof boxes, snow trains to boat trailers, the Thule product line is as robust as ever, with the team in Sweden hoping to meet any and all of your gear transportation needs.

Not content in just providing high-quality consumer products, Thule has been actively involved in a number of charities for years, such as their annual donation of school supplies to Casa de la Esperanza, giving lower-income families a better chance for success throughout the school year. Their altruistic side shines just as much as their never ending strive for consistent innovation, never content to rest on their laurels as one of the world’s best outdoor goods brands. No matter which way you say it, Thule is ready to help you get there.