Thermarest Sleeping Pads

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About Thermarest Sleeping Pads:

Refuse to settle for a poor night’s sleep out there. Just because you’re roughing it without that trusty bed of yours doesn’t mean you’re forced to be all uncomfortable while you drift off to dreamland. Not only that, but no need to take up the majority of your pack with some unreasonably bulky air mattress, one that won’t do much for helping to keep you warm if and when the temperatures dip. Thermarest builds their sleeping pads to be inseparable companions to those who take their camping seriously, and look forward to well-spent nights under the stars.

Constructed to be lightweight and easily manageable, you’ll be taken aback by how compact your sleeping pad can get. Thermarest knows your pack space is at a premium, so these bad boys compress as much as physically possible – in fact, there could be some form of manipulation of the space-time continuum at work here. Hair-brained physics theories aside, an additional main draw is the ability for these guys to trap and present heat. Those late hours in your tents tend to get a bit on the chilly side, and Thermarest presents their reflexive ThermaCapture technology to make sure that heat stays exactly where it should.

All of this buries the lead on possibly the best part of the Thermarest experience – your comfort. Being packable and holding heat like it does wouldn’t mean a whole lot if these things weren’t a joy to snooze on, but we’re happy to report these sleeping pads are the real deal. Built of soft-touch fabrics that are decidedly sturdy as they are comfortable, they’re quiet too, so you won’t experience the noise and annoyance present in your standard air mattress. Get a better sleep and do it with surprising ease.