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Check out Thermarest gear at Moosejaw


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About Therm-A-Rest Camping Gear:

Thermarest gives those who love the outdoors a chance to catch a better night’s sleep away from their bedrooms, giving their home away from home a first-class level of comfort. It’s easy to imagine a night spent under the stars as ideal and peaceful – just you, a blanket underneath and a sky full of constellations acting as your own personal nightlight. Trouble is, the elements often don’t seem set on cooperating. Things can get pretty rough out there in a flash, and even if you aren’t dealing with snow or rain there’s a good chance it’ll get chilly while you’re trying to catch a few Z’s. And that’s why Thermarest exists.

This is Camping, version 2.0. Gone are the days of being forced to situate yourself on uneven, patchy terrain – Thermarest has reinvented the air mattress, crafting a whole new beast that doesn’t adhere to the bothersome rigors that have hindered other designs. Ultralight and compact, you’re able to get premium bed for sleep without taking up an excess of space in your pack. Even better, Thermarest beds work to be extremely warm, using reflective technology to trap in warm air helping to keep you from getting cold as you snooze the night away.

But first-class air mattresses are only part of it. Thermarest builds a wealth of different selections, built to make your camping trips better than ever before. Multi-season sleeping bags are no joke, allowing insane amounts of insulation that will keep out the chill of cold weather no matter how low the temperatures drop. Oh, and that pesky rain and snow we mentioned? Built hydrophobic, unexpected weather won’t be an issue.

With a legacy spanning five decades, Thermarest continues to lead the world of comfortable camping gear. No sense in having a bad night’s sleep just because you’re in the backcountry – not with Thermarest in your pack.

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